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what are the symptoms

Posted by mimie11

i have a lump on my neck.i went to a doctor,tests were done but they said it is is growing bigger now,what do you think i have?how do i make it smaller?


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There are many causes of lumps in the neck.  The most commonly seen lumps or swellings are enlarged lymph nodes.  Swollen lymph nodes can be caused by bacterial or viral infections.  Do you have any other symptoms?  

Are your lumps in the muscles of your neck?  If so, this could be caused by injury or torticollis.  Lumps in the skin or just below the skin are often caused by cysts.  

The tyyroid glad may produce a lump, multiple lumps, or swelling in the back of the neck.  This could be a result of thyroid disease or cancer.  

The good news is that most lumps in adults are not cancerous.   

If your thyroid is growing they call that goiter.  The cause of a goiter is lack of potassium iodide and/or your thyroid cell receptors getting blocked by chloride, bromide, and fluoride.

I suggest reading Dr David Brownstein's book "Iodine, Why we need it and can't live without it."  He and his fellow docs who are studying iodine, have treated more than 4000 thyroid patients.  He also has a book called "Overcoming Thyroid disorders".

If someone had told me 10 years ago what a thyroid was, and how to take care of it, I wouldn't be living thyroidless today.  And believe me, it's no picnic.

First things first go back to the doctor.  Have more testing done.  If it is a nodule or a cyst they could use a fine needle and check out the cells in it.  If it is thyroid cancer, the earlier the diagnosis the better the prognosis.  Remember that a very small number of nodules and lumps on the thyroid are malignant.  There is a reason this lump is growing, do not wait get it diagnosed.
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