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TSH 28

Posted by Mac

I had my thyroid remove in 92 hashimoto.  Been on synthyroid for over 20 years.  Last night I went to the ER with chills, unbalance, just crashing.  They ran a series of test from cardiac, CBC you name it, all back normal with the exception of one.  My TSH was 28 it has never been this HIGH. 

Gave my results to my PCM and she wants to wait a week before doing anything.  I did confess that I missed a couple of doses for this past month.  She thinks this is the problem.  

I am scared my heart is pounding, I am cold and hot for about five to ten times per day.  Can you say ANXIETY is out of control.  But all she wants me to do is wait.

 A TSH this HIGH dangerous should I go and seek another dr, report back to the ER.  I am really freaking out.   

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