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second half, the outcome to this set.This,

Posted Dec 27 2012 2:35am 1 Comment
of course, also good at grasping opportunities and LinShuHao inseparable. Although previous had three straight, but LinShuHao said, the next three even guest is the test, and said: "will soon weigh out our quality." The opening of the season, LinShuHao repeatedly into the basket, air max tn but can't put the ball into the basket, the opponent seal on the right, also often made him at loose ends. But recently, he put an end to the basket ability strengthens, the cork - kirk hinrich a defense, seal the on the right, he also left quickly from breakthrough hit. This is confident in promoting performance. The third point reason, when the rocket team running in ascension. The game, LinShuHao will act as the "interim head coach", and points out that the role of a two ball only in hand, and perform other players not touched the ball, and not be realized between the weak side transfer, have to reflect on. Fortunately he worry about the scene did not appear, Air Max 2012 High Heels throw haddon did not talk about, and the rest of the three starting at the end of the third quarter has scored in double or even four people, the score and +. Against the 76 people, the rockets also almost seven players in double. And in the rockets at the beginning of the season into haddon, staff also protest: air max 2011"the rocket attacks will no longer" democracy ". A soldier of the situation, but also beneficial YuLinShu hao play. Thus, the rockets also realized three consecutive games with at least 120 +, the last time the team reached the achievement, or in November 1988, when distance haddon was born and 9 months. Haring combination home, the rocket is against. The Houston rockets in the away victory over the Chicago bulls, LinShuHao [micro bo] in this Christmas wars again provided a satisfactory report - twenty points and 11 assists. A recent period of time, we can obviously noticed on the field LinShuHao some of the changes, such as: he laughed more. The game in the third quarter, the rockets have made the large lead, in haddon assists made inroads layup, after the bulls but shouted a timeout. To the bench, LinShuHao smiling and everyone in the team give me five to celebrate. air max 2012 And in the game, LinShuHao is playing more keep your business on the right track. In other words, the present LinShuHao really like a qualified starting point guard. Against the bulls, and LinShuHao contrapuntal is a good white point guard kirk hinrich. As the golden generation of members, kirk hinrich strength and experience beyond doubt, especially his individual defensive ability, all in the league a number of the players are are numbered. But in the later, LinShuHao quickly into the state, first assists haddon hit a 3-pointer, and then he attack the ball when sensitive to penetrate the basket and layup inroads. The game is a turning point in the second quarter, the road rocket gradually establish a double-digit lead. In this section LinShuHao performance is also adequately, especially his and center made o pick-and-roll fit quite smooth. Special let a person feel delighted thing is, in the game
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