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my insane life

Posted Mar 16 2010 9:05pm 1 Comment
i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 4 yrs ago . my dr passed it off by just assuming i am over weight and lazy . i have 2 children ages 15 and 9 yrs and i feel so bad cause my kids need me and its so hard to do anything with my kids and its depressing ,my skin is dry ,itchy and thin hair , and ankles swelling and i feel so unattractive. im on levoxyl  0.2 mg two tablets daily .they did a ultra sound and a test witch consisted of me going to the out patient they gave me a pill i went back to hospital 6 hours later and the next day same test without the pill.ok i was told they could not locate my thyroid or activity on both test ,but the ultra sound showed multiple goiters and mass .now tomorrow i have a appt .i was told that with the medication the goiters may shrink and im so scared and i just wish they would remove thyroid to prevent thyroid cancer ...any info would be greatly apprieciated .....god bless carol
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I am a little confused with your results. An enlarged thyroid is a goiter. It is possible that if you are hypo your body is attacking your thyroid and causing it to shrink. If they found something multiple are you sure it isn't nodules? If they found any mass in your neck this would be something that would call for a removal of your gland and biopsies. Don't settle for any doc who will not listen to you if you aren't feeling well. Keep searching until you find one who will hear you, and good luck!
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