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I would like to ask what are the symptoms for thyroid cancer?

Posted by antot1

I have these swollen lymp nodes on the right side of my neck. they are all sore and painful. one is huge under my chin( right side). it's been three weeks now and one comes out each week. my doctor tested me for hepatitis A, b, c, for white cells count and for HIV. i haven't got the results yet but i am also going for an ultra sound on my neck in a couple of days. she never prescribed anything to me and i am very tired on and off, especially before bed and when getting up in the morning. i get chills, aches, feverish, night sweats and loss of appetite. i also have this bad breath but i brush my teeth very well, twice a day. i don't know what's going on with me but i'd like to know if this is a cancer or an internal infection. i really like to know because the tests don't come in till november 10. also, is there any over the counter medicine that i can take to releive my pain and tiredness. thank you very much.

 mary Ann

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it is most probably a case of bacterial lymphadenitis. you should have FNAC done if there is no history of evening rise of temperature and coughing. if on blood culture,there is an evidence of bacterial infection,take amoxiclav 625mg tid for 5 days. For pain,take ibuprofen 400mg tid for 5 days.


Please reply with theNov. 10 test results.  I am a thyroid cancer patient (twice).  My symptoms were similar to yours.  I was given antibiotics that helped for a short time then a better doctor diagnosed the thyroid cancer.



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