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I'm looking for tasty variations and recipes for a no iodine diet

Posted by sylverwolf

My wife just had both thyroids removed and is on a no iodine diet in preparation for the radiation pill and drink. I want to be more creative in the foods I prepare because of all that she can't enjoy for now. Thank you for your time and help.
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My biggest suggestion is to use fresh herbs when preparing the food.  I made myself a lot of stir fries using a small amount of meat and lots of fresh vegetables. I also used Mrs Dash seasoning that has no salt.  I made my own soup stocks and made fresh vegetable soups.  It you go to they have a section on recipes along with a meal plan.It is only for a short period of time and she will be back eating normally.   I had to follow the LID diet on 5 occasions and can remember crying my eyes out the first time because "there was nothing I could eat" to the last time when my husband ate the same food as me and did not use the salt shaker. 



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