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i had thyroid ectomy last week and there r a couple of lumps is this normal/ i havent got cancer though.

Posted by Barbara H. Facebook

my pathology report cleared me of cancer after op. in my throat i can now feel some lumps, is this the throat selttling down, and my stitches r weeping a little. I have been given some antibiotics by my dr. he will see me on monday again. Thanks.
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I'm sorry to hear that you lost your thyroid. I hope that they didn't take all of it and that your parathyroid glands and larnyx aren't affected.  Sadly, many docs scare patients into surgery and many times there is no cancer.  It took me several months before I felt safe enough to even touch my throat.  I used Tamanu oil on my thyroid to help avoid scarring.  I suggest that you join the yahoo group Thyroidless.  We help each other deal with the aftermath, which believe me, will not get better unless you get a good doc (rare to find), and learn to treat yourself with good nutrition. 
So happy to hear that you do not have cancer.  There could still some swelling.  Your doctor will be able to check the lumps that you feel.  Keep your stitches as clean and dry as possible.  I used vitamin E oil on my scar.  I had the same incision opened 3 times and today you have to know that the scar is there to see it.  So on Monday do not leave the doctor's office without getting all your questions answered.  Good idea to start writing them down so you do not forget anything.  All the best.
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