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elevated TSH

Posted May 27 2012 5:14am 1 Comment

i had thyroid cancer back im 2006. since then it has been a battle to get my TSH under control. Ive been trying hard to lose weight lately but its been a real struggle. I saw my pcp and asked him to check my TSH. It came back over 30! Ive been extremly fatigued, to the point of mot being able to keep up with housework and hygiene. muscle amd joint pain, puffy face, and mow insomnia. Could the insomnia be related to the elevated TSH?  Ive always had a problem with falling asleep, but lately its been worse and even when i do fall asleep,I only sleep a short time and then Im wide awake again. They did just add 50 mcg of Cytomel to my regimen. i already take 300 mcg of Synthroid monday through saturday and 600 mcg on sunday. Is there any hope that the sleep will get better as my TSH comes down?

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