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Can hypothyroidism turn into Thyroid Cancer.

Posted by cheryl

For several yrs now I have taken medicine for hypothyroidism. I was just reading on the internet about this deaise, I took a test to see how dificient my body was I scored 157 out of 170 questions. I know that your thyroid controls alot of your vitial organs, but if this can be helped with food  like seaweed and kelp then why wasn't we told this.. I found out that its the iodine that is dificient in my body. Even being on the medicine for all these yrs, I am still loosing my hair, my skin looks brittle and dry, my nails are atrocious, along with what I just read could be the reason for my muscle acheyness seeming like l have fibromylga, along with other symptoms of iodine deficiency. CAn I take a supplement to iodine to help and eat foods that are rich in iodine which seems to be iodized salt since 1924, but since I don't eat salt due to high blood pressure..So what do I do.. where can I get the iodine my body needs to correct this and get rid of some of these terrible symptoms. I don't want to have Thyroid cancer, but I do have a lump where your tyroid is and  I do have horseness sometimes, and I do now have the symptom of choking, something in my throat that will not go away. I know these are all symptoms of cancer.. So reading this was really scary.. so help me if you can.. oh I forgot to mention I have seen my Dr. and she says my panels look thyroid is a little low, so that was good,but this can be decieving since this could be as much as 30% of my thyroid. I know I am rambeling ,,, but I am scared.
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