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Thomas S.

Williamstown, New Jersey
I am a Cancer Survivor, was diagnosed with cancer when I was 2 years of age. The Lord, has kept me... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Absolutely, if it isn'tbroken don't fix it. From what I noticed from practicing Tai Chi... more
Oct 02 2008 7:19am
Mar 19 2008 3:09pm
I think anything that gets your heart pumping is great to do! Sports are defined... more
Oct 16 2008 7:00pm
Hello Geoffrey, I don't really have an answer for your questions, but I did look up... more
Dec 02 2008 1:53pm
The dark stool, if the color is black it could mean that your may have internal bleeding... more
Mar 01 2009 11:30am
Kerri may be right, You may be experiencing low electrolytes. Chemically, electrolytes... more
May 28 2009 5:31am
The best way to find out if there really is something wrong you can have upper... more
Jun 14 2009 6:39pm