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I'm a mother of two sons, grandmother to two granddaughters. My interests are diverse and too many to list or be confined by a box. I'm open and honest. If you have a question, feel free to ask!! I have been involved with Alternative Therapies and Fitness for over 20 years. I have a Master's... Full Bio
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Connective tissue is not normally thought of as something that would be benefit from... more
Jun 10 2011 5:59pm
I used to be a distributor for Young Living. Normally, they do not provide that type of... more
Jun 10 2011 5:46pm
This almost sounds like psychological issue. Many times, when someone has a heart... more
Jun 10 2011 5:42pm
Yes! Stress can cause a variety of problems in the body. Certain levels of stress are... more
May 29 2011 1:18am
have you considered being tested for Stevens Johnsons Syndrome. It appears much like you... more
May 23 2011 7:00pm
You need to remember a few things. Ribs are bones, so they are generally pretty stiff.... more
May 21 2011 5:33pm
Ok, I'm going to be honest. I've heard of the diet and I just checked it out on Dr.... more
May 16 2011 4:25am
If I would have to rank them, I would put soy first, almond and lastly skim. If you... more
May 15 2011 4:17pm
Jan 16 2011 6:21am
Reiki can open up energy channels and allow the body's energy to flow more freely. It... more
May 08 2011 4:19pm
Cracks in the corner of your mouth may be from your body becoming too acidic. Tomatos... more
Apr 29 2011 9:12pm