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I am interested in health related topic, want to lead a healthy life and educate others for their healthy life. I personally benefited with alternative medicine. I like everyone should enjoy that benefit  
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Diabetes Complications

Prolonged high blood glucose affects blood vessels and nerves that lead to many diabetes complications. People with diabetes are at a high risk of...

Hypoglycemia - Low blood sugar

Hypoglycemia, also called low blood glucose or low blood sugar, occurs when blood glucose level drops below required normal levels, it is...

Diabetes products to help diabetics

The battle against diabetes continues amidst persistent research. Yet today there is no known cure for diabetes, but conveniently fight with the...

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I made a Lego Stop Motion movie to inspire people to overcome their "limits". Check it out
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Foot Tapping improves your health:

It is a HD video enjoy it in high definition and rate it if you wish, I am awaiting your feedback to know the health benefits that you enjoyed with foot tapping.