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I am obsessed with all things culinary, and I like to have a "smart" approach to cooking, which I define as healthy, economical, creative, and realistic. In The Smart Kitchen you will get to see the healthy recipes I create, those I test and/or adapt, as well as the choices I make when... Full Bio
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Tropical Fish Salad (Yogurt Based)

When you suddenly think it’s a great idea to purchase 1 1/2 pounds of cod at Sam’s Club–just for yourself–you need to get creative with how...

Moosewood-Inspired Pepper Pot Soup

Although I have my moments of crazy, I am not deluded enough to think everyone loves vegetables as much as I do.* Especially not something...

Take Me Back to Texas.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Texas until I was sitting under string lights, eating BBQ off of a tray, while a boy with a guitar sang...

Other People’s Cooking

I’ve been relying on the culinary genius of others lately, whether it’s letting my friends Andrea and Brian make me a delicious dinner...

Individual Zucchini & Brown Rice Parmesan Gratins [Recipe Redux #Sponsored Contest]

Three things I love: 1. The New York Times Cooking E- Newsletter 2. Re-purposing Leftovers 3. Brown Rice No,...

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