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The Self-Healing Coach is a daily blog by Karen Gordon that offers tools and inspiration to heal Multiple Sclerosis. Karen has been living with MS for thirteen years. This blog is not a place for self-pity or talking about the run-of-the-mill MS stories. Instead you will find here fresh and... Full Bio
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Sep 02 2010 by BucketsNana
Do you have any experience with patients who have fibromyalgia being helped by what you advocate?  I am very interested in learning more. Thanks.  Carol
Jul 29 2010 by shub
Karen, this blog "I'm responsible" is one of the best I've read till date... so far! In-fact none of us can quantify the amount of Wrath/ Scum we've done!!
Mar 28 2010 by shub

my ms has ruined my life;

its taken away my job, my wife has left me and taken away my daughter! I'm awaiting Death!!