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Sunnyvale, California
I'm a food/yoga/life blogger. I love to eat, and I love eating things that make me feel great. Yoga and walking are my favorite ways to exercise, but I also love dancey videos and jumping around.
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Friday Five – Random Thoughts and Wants

5 things I’ve come across lately… 1) If you’re in a giving or charitable mood, this site could use your help: Watsi . Your donations fund...

About Ayurveda

I have been meaning to write this post for ages, but wasn’t spurred to write it until I got a pretty cool infographic about the “Yogic Diet”...

MilkIN Cookies! {Recipe} (AKA Lactation Cookies – with Vegan Option)

I made these lactation cookies to promote milk production for breastfeeding. They’re yummy! My supply is actually an oversupply. I ate these in...

Baby Registry Must-Haves {Part 1}

If you can believe it, my sweet baby boy Kurt turned 3 months old (13 weeks) last Friday! We are pretty sure he is over 20 pounds....

Current Favorites

Saw this favorites  post and decided to do my own… Name your favorite… Person: Bobby and Kurt of course. Color: purple (always...

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