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Therese P.

STANFORD, California
Who am I?? That is the ultimate question isn't it? I ask that quesion all the time. Sometimes I have a good answer, sometimes I don't. I suspect what this question really is asking is what do I do, what are the things about me that perhaps might give you a clue as to who I am. So here goes: - I am an IT project manager - Been at Stanford for about 10 years now - I have been blessed with 2, wonderful, healthy children who are growing up to be amazing human beings. I love eating. I love... Full Bio
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6-pack : Mission impossible?

Ok, at 10.2% body fat, I still do NOT have a 6-pack.  Been wroking on my abs a lot more and it's getting bigger!  Ok so what worked for you?  How...

Update on Body fat

On 9/25/08, did the hydrostatic body fat test and results were 10.2%!!!  That is down from 16.9% from 06/05/06.   The funny thing is I had my...

Some stats about my body fat

From the underwater body fat test = 17.2% From Skin fold (calipers) = 18.4%
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Dec 08 2008 by Jason H.

Hi Therese,

I am posting here, but I also replied to your reply. I have some good ideas that might be able to help you. I am sorry that you have had difficulty in reaching me. My work e-mail is Thanks for checking out my blog!

Apr 20 2008 by Therese P.

Ok!  i'm ready.

Apr 04 2008 by Chef Jeff R.

15 pounds to go til I reach my goal!   Better get your credit card warmed up!