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New Richmond, Wisconsin
I am the mother of seven beautiful daughters and the wife of one amazing photographer. I am a painter and a writer, and enjoy spending time out doors with my family. In 2009, after completing the best marathon of my life, I was stricken with an unexplained illness that kept me in the hospital... Full Bio
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Hiking the JMT

BWCA 2008 Last week Dave and I watched an outstanding independent documentary called  Mile...Mile & A Half, The Muir...

I Think I Have Something To Say

I think I have something to say. My life, at 48, has been very full.  In my quiet times, I think about the steps I have...

Eight Months...but then again, who's counting

This is probably the worst possible time for me to try and write a post. I'm not feeling well, worse than the usual, I'm tired and I am...

Seven Months

Seven months. That's how long it has been since I last posted on this blog. As I sit here and type, I wonder where I went. I wonder where you...

Dork Alert!

So, this is how life is... There's something to be said about lupus fog...and the effects of multiple mind "affecting"...

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Apr 18 2011 by Charlene Y. Atchison

Hello Theresa,

How are you feeling today. It's a great feeling to meet new people who are dealing with what you are going through. I hope that we can learn from each other and even crack some jokes. 

Apr 18 2011 by TiffanyAndLupus
Sure lovie! Feel free to add me,not sure if we're friends on here or not!