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Hello! My name is Theresa and I have a gastric band! I was banded on 15th November 2008 with Healthier Weight in Manchester. At the time I weighed 20 stone and had a BMI of 43. My blog records my day-to-day experiences with the band - the good, the bad and the ugly. So far, I have lost loads of... Full Bio
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The best thing since sliced bread

I recently received an unexpected package in the post. It turned out to be a free sample of a new cookie developed by Weight To Go. 'A...

The pain in Spain….

….falls mainly on the grain. Basically, I'm in Spain for a week, working in the field. I was here at the same time last year and experienced...

After 4.5 years it's finally working how it should!

Since my last post in November things have changed somewhat. We moved house in December, Christmas was upon us, and then I went on a field trip...

Getting more restriction now

Had another fill yesterday, of 1.4ml, taking me to 6.4ml now. I was pleasantly surprised to discover, when I got to the clinic, that the lady who...

Horrid fill experience

Two weeks ago I had my first fill after having my band completely emptied before that. As I anticipated, my fill was 5ml, the same as it was the...

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