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Two Surgeries & Something Else

I had a hole in my nose. To be exact, a perforation in my nasal septum, the cartilage that separates the two airways. A person gets...

Whistle While I Breathe

I felt like a leper the last week at the community college. My old nursing “friends,” fearing guilt by association, steered clear of me at...

Taking the Next Step

The hanging occurred on a Friday afternoon, so my family saw no reason to disturb my catatonic state for the weekend. I don’t think I was...

The Hanging

Per instructions by the nursing school director, I made an appointment to see my counselor to find out what kind of trouble I was in. She told...

Nursing School on Steroids – Part Six: Sick and Unpopular

Anyone who has been on prednisone for any length of time can tell you sleeping is an unobtainable luxury, and I couldn’t have done it without my...

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