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I am disabled with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) for several years now. It is a relatively... Full Bio
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Apr 24 2010 by thematrix777

Rather than take a "suggestion" by a nurse, I would talk to the doctor personally. Don't let it go on too long.

I can think of a million problems that could be causing your pain. Back pain is a common problem but the cause of the pain can be from many places.

I'm not a medical professional; just an educated patient like you. Please don't delay finding out what is causing the problem. Delay in treatment can lead to serious complications.

Apr 23 2010 by webbleswabble
I am having lower back pain like in the lower part of my buttock.  Hurts to stand up and walk and now walking almost bent over.  Starting having cramps and don't really feel good.  I was told by a nurse that it could be a pelvic infection.
Feb 03 2010 by thematrix777

Starting Friday, Feb 5, I will be hosting a weekly radio show called "Living with RSD". I will be covering topics that pertain to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) but also many guests will be discussing the special issues we all face with any chronic illness. Please join us to listen or call in to talk to the guest and hosts.  Call in number: 347-884-9691

9 am pacific

11 am central

12 noon eastern

Every Friday

Nov 29 2009 by Dr. Nagaraj

Dear TheMatrix, 

I hereby requesting your vote to win 'People's Health Blogger Award'. Please see all my posts related to cancer in my blog. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


Nov 20 2009 by thematrix777

I have a question for people who write for Wellsphere. Shouldn't this current "contest" about the Best Health bloggers be voted on by the people who we help?

 "If you vote for me, I'll vote for you". Is that what this contest is about? A popularity contest?

People who have come to Wellsphere to seek help and advice are the true test of a person's ability. Not how popular they are.




Mar 17 2009 by AndrewKFletcher

Hi Trudy

Before you do anything drastic, would you consider lifting the head of your bed 15 cm's or 6 inches higher than the foot end and sleeping this way for no less than 4 weeks to see what happens with regards to your neuropathic pain?

This is called "inclined bed therapy" search this or use my name "andrew k fletcher"

Feb 09 2009 by Jill Knapp

My step mom is stage 2. She is doing pretty dang good.  You do really well with your blog.  Good for you for mantaining life even though it's not an easy one. God bless you!!



Feb 04 2009 by Katherine B.
Thanks for adding me, your blog is beautiful. (also clicked an ad while I was there, every penny counts right)
Jan 21 2009 by Jill Knapp
You have a great web site. I enjoyed my visit. My step mother has RSD.  You are doing great things!!
Jan 20 2009 by Tisashwani
Hi Trudy, how are you ?