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If you believe, like I do, that wellness is vital to living happily ever after, you'll want practical strategies for feeling good every day. If you need to lose weight or motivate yourself to exercise more or if you'd like ideas for recipes that taste great and will help you feel better, this is... Full Bio
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Step Away From the Rice Cakes!

Overheard at the gym this morning: “Last night I ate an entire bucket of Popeye’s myself. So, I had to make up for that by only eating three...

Magic Number for Breakfast Goodness is 5

I love breakfast; it’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s often so simple to make and yet so satisfying. Some days, though, even a quick...

No New Resolutions!

I like the idea of using the new year to begin something. It’s poetic and poignant and punctual. But, New Year’s Resolutions are too often...

Get Set and Go On

At my yoga class, the session always begins with the teacher’s instruction. “Set an intention for today’s practice.” The idea is simple. You...

Food As Delicious Medicine

When my husband came home from his recent annual physical and told me that he had to return in 6 weeks because his blood pressure was a tad...

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