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Washington, District of Columbia
Hello and thanks for stopping by!  I'm a two time marathoner, homebrewer, and vegeterian currently training for my first 50k trail race.  Training and working in Washington, DC, I have plenty of tales of achievements and not-so achievements.  You can check me out over at or  
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How to Track Your Running Progress (And Why You Should Start Today)

After returning from nearly three weeks off of running while in Italy , I’ve had more fun on the trails than I have in a long time. It...

6 Tips for Successful Summer Training

Note from Doug: While I’m enjoying a few weeks of little running and lots of wine relaxation on my belated honeymoon in Italy, most of you...

13 Must-Knows For All Beginner Trail Runners

For the past several months, I’ve been on a mission to get non-trail runners to give the trail a shot. I even released a free...

Friday Footnotes: Why Running is a Team Sport

Ed Note: This week’s Friday Footnotes is part of a submission to Blog Symposium. Runners love to brag about the simplicity of running. As...

How I Ran 100 Miles: A Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Race Report

When running along the ridge line of the Massanutten Mountains, you immediately feel a sense of history. Everything about these mountains...

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