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Health Maven's Answer
One suggestion is to replace your ritual with something else.  Make a nice cup of tea,... more
Oct 14 2011 1:52pm
I'm not really in favor of drinking cow's milk and find that more and more people have... more
May 10 2011 9:25pm
Try these foods: Chia seeds, mustard greens, endive, wheat bran, unsweetened... more
Apr 07 2011 3:16pm
I agree with the others.  As far as I'm concerned, soda is soda.  Whether it is regular... more
Apr 04 2011 4:57pm
I'd suggest garbanzo beans, nuts,  pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and rolled oats (believe it or... more
Mar 23 2011 7:25pm
I think the decision should also depend on the quality of the food.  A grilled chicken... more
Mar 09 2011 6:43pm