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A guy who has lost over 200 pounds in a little over a year, and now puts on a little muscle. I write about what it was like to be over 400 pounds, and why I want to stay under 200.
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Why Does Lane Bryant Get A Pass In Plus Size Pricing?

Old Navy has come under fire recently for their plus size pricing of women’s clothing . Renee Posey recently noticed that at Old Navy, the...

To The Simon Cowell Of Weight Loss

  I have heard that you are a weight loss expert. You have helped people throughout the world lose weight with your magical...

I Never Gave Chicho Weight Loss Advice

Dear Chicho, I remember when you first wrote on my wall. It was on June 27th of this year… I cannot answer every comment...

To The Woman Who Called Me Fat Boy At The Gym

To the woman who said “good luck fat boy” to me at the gym, I heard your comment while I was getting on the Stairmaster next to you....

Zulily Wished My Wife A Happy Birthday, Not Vanilla Ice

Today is my wife’s birthday. We have spent fourteen birthdays together. Some have been good and some could have been better. It is the one day I...
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