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A guy who has lost over 200 pounds in a little over a year, and now puts on a little muscle. I write about what it was like to be over 400 pounds, and why I want to stay under 200.
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Explaining To My Son That Bon Jovi Sings The Best Song Ever…Not One Direction

One of the many joys I have in life is taking my son to school. It is a nice half hour of bonding time where we talk and listen to music. We...

How To Get The Most Popular Girl To Go To Prom With You.

Like many teens, Patrick Farves of Central York High School is thinking about going to prom. He was deciding whom to ask when the perfect...

The Internet Is Wrong. “Happy” Video Without Any Music Is Still Awesome.

I love the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I love the face my eight-month-old daughter smiles and tries to dance when she hears it. I love...

Answering A Fourth Grade Question About Infidelity

There is a controversy in El Paso, Texas. Some fourth graders were sent home homework that many parents would find controversial. The kids were...

What Child Wants To Dress Like Their Parents?

The other day I was recommended by my friend “ Pajama Pants ” to be interviewed about the dress code for parents being proposed in...
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