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Escalon, California
Gary M. Verigin, DDS, inc. is a humanistic, holistic dental practice in Northern California. Dr. Verigin provides integrated, biological and mercury-free dental services.        
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Thanks for writing, Shira. We're sorry to hear of this and the pain you're enduring. While it  would be inappropriate for us to offer specific treatment advice, we encourage you to share your concerns with your dentist and to get a second opinion as needed. And if you need to find a qualified holistic or biological dentist in your area to help you, here are three good resources for referrals: , , and . Good luck to you!
Nov 12 2010 by Shira B.
As a byproduct of radiation/chemo to treat my tongue cancer, I developed, 2 months post-treatment, a "hole" in my gums, exposing part of the jawbone, which is very painful. The doctor said there is not much to do other than wait and see if the gum heals itself. Given that the situation is only worsening (the hole is becoming larger) I am hoping you might have another suggestion. Thank you very much for your time.
Yes. Any tissue structures (bone, soft tissue) innervated by the trigeminal nerve can be a source of referred pain.
Jun 20 2010 by Fonde
Can parotitis cause pain to radiate all the way to the roof of the mouth?