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I am a stage III breast cancer "thriver" and Registered Nurse who loves helping anyone... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
I think the EP doctor will clear up a lot of concerns for you. As I said, this may be... more
Feb 02 2012 10:52pm
I am so sorry, you are having to deal with this again. It is never normal to bleed... more
Dec 09 2011 1:01pm
Nov 18 2009 12:51pm
The books mentioned above are great. You can also try "Forks Over Knives" book that... more
Nov 28 2011 8:15pm
This particular product "Vegan Protein + by Genuine Health" looks like a very good... more
Nov 28 2011 8:10pm
I am sitting here trying to think of a reason you would not want your medicine to... more
Nov 15 2011 1:22pm
There is no problem with taking Inderal longterm. It is in the class of drugs called... more
Nov 10 2011 3:02am
Boring old vegan here who loves her Kitchen Aid convenction oven! more
Nov 03 2011 12:48am
Dec 17 2010 9:46pm
I love the advice given by sometimesiveg. I would definately agree to watch the soy... more
Oct 20 2011 11:27am
This is a great question Evelyn!   Normally, a heart attack occurs due to the... more
Oct 18 2011 9:42pm
Not very, thankfully. Less than 1% of all breast tumors occur in males. There will... more
Oct 18 2011 8:51pm