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I am a stage III breast cancer "thriver" and Registered Nurse who loves helping anyone... Full Bio
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If you're having pain when you move it's probably not your heart. There are many... more
Feb 06 2013 3:38pm
Jan 25 2013 9:29pm
There's "normal" and there's "your normal"  You can have a technically abnormal ECG,... more
Jan 25 2013 9:35pm
RVH means right ventricular hypertophy. The muscle of the right side of your heart,... more
Oct 23 2012 12:01pm
Aug 20 2012 5:10am
Wow, wouldn't it be great if you could burn fat by taking pills? Any reputable... more
Aug 20 2012 12:22pm
Do you mean the ejection fraction...or the normal amount of blood pumped out with each... more
Jul 11 2012 3:17pm
Hi Colleen! At 16, I'm sure there have been lots of changes with your breasts.  You... more
May 29 2012 3:03am
I am sorry, you are having pain! The pain can catually be coming from many... more
Apr 27 2012 3:26pm
Here's a link to many popular vegan blogs..maybe some one here knows of one.   more
Apr 23 2012 3:31pm
Honey is an "animal" by-product. Plain and simple. more
Feb 27 2012 1:38pm
Yay for you! This is a choice you will stick with because you will feel the effects of... more
Feb 27 2012 1:35pm