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I am a stage III breast cancer "thriver" and Registered Nurse who loves helping anyone... Full Bio
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Chemobrain? or PTSD?

As much as 35% of all people that have gone through treatment for cancer have full blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And up to 80% exhibit...

Do you need a feces transplant for better health?

Yes, you read that right.  There’s now a procedure called a fecal transplant…and it is what you think it is.  Poop from one person is placed into...

Get breathailized…for lung cancer

A new lung cancer test measures the amount of a tumor enzyme in your breath. I love when technology is not only cool, but can help save lives as...

Cancer Survival 101

I was honored to speak at The Renewal Center in Crystal Lake IL to a group of cancer survivors about what they can do to be at their optimal level...

See The Savvy Sister get a scope

Too many people are not getting colonoscopies because they think they are painful or a nuisance.  March was colon cancer awareness month and it...

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Thanks for all your hard work!
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