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The Pure Bed Blog's mission is to promote healthy sexuality among married couples. Our sexuality is expressed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By informing our choices and understanding God's gift of sex to the institution of marriage, we increase our opportunities to enjoy... Full Bio
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How Porn Affects Marriage

Guest post by Mike Taylor Many couples who report problems in their marriage often point to a poor sex life. When the desire to perform...

Sex: Grace Behind the Bedroom Door

As we’re preparing to release our new e-book, a devotional for married couples, we are moved by just how practical biblical teaching is on...

February 14: The Story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Countdown (Photo credit: Julie K) On Thursday, Feb. 14, think of a man.  He was a young priest, wholly committed to his...

Married Sex: 10 Steps to a More Exciting Romp

God created sex for marriage.  It is good…when we, as married couples, allow ourselves to experience one another in a spirit of...

Why I Love My Husband!

It is good to remember to share with our spouses verbal affirmations of what they mean to us and to celebrate their endearing qualities.  In...
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