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We choose healthy alternatives and understand food doesn't have to be fried to taste great. Also, the type of oil is essential if sautéing or putting an oil dressing on our salad. This is a place to share and discuss how we can make the right... Team Members: 8 Team Goals: Avoid fast food, Avoid high fat foods, Avoid salty foods, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Limit my caloric intake, Lose weight
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Do you have any ideas for making better tasting baked fries?

Posted by Kenneth F.

One thing I found was the frozen fries aren't too bad.  They certainly don't hold a candle to McDonalds crispy fries, but still, they don't taste terrible either. 

Trader Joes has some baked Sweet Potato fries that are pretty darn good too.  I like to bake them until they are well done and crunchy.  Nothing like a good salty crunchy bite to satify the urge.

Another thing you can do is sprinkle some garlic powder/salt or lightly salt them for more flavor.  Some more adventurous folks even sprinkle cayanne pepper.

Truffle oil is quite tasty on the regular frozen fries.  It's made from top grade virgin olive oil and infused with shaved truffles.  Yummy.  It doesn't take much, because the truffles are very don't over do it.

Anyone else have ideas?



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