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Hi My Name is Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, owner of I've been a nutritionist for 9 years and a Metabolic Typing Advisor for 4 years.  I help people to improve their health, stabilise their weight, increase their energy and decrease their cravings, using... Full Bio
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Would You Prefer Vaccines or Vegetables?

Did you know that in the UK alone, this winter 39 people have died from the flu. 36 of them were infected with the H1N1 Swine Flu virus and the...

5 Nutrients for Gorgeous Skin

Practically all health experts agree that vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the health of your skin and general complexion. The...

Detox Your Bathroom & Natural Shaving Cream

Who would have thought that the bathroom could be such a dangerous place? But take a quick look at the ingredients in many commercial cleaning,...

How to make your own toothpaste

“Why,” you may well be asking, “should I bother with homemade toothpaste? What’s wrong with the white or stripy squidgy stuff that comes in...

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Just joined. How is this site working for you? Are you getting any feedback / responses to your posts? Do you think this is a good promotional tool? Thank you for your friendship!
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What on earth is this white board for?!? :-) 

I'm sure I'll work it out!