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I am a founding member of Health Travel Technologies, whcih provides software and services to the global heatlh care community serving international paitents - aka medical travelers, health travelers, and medical tourists.  Top international hospitals choose Health Travel Technologies Inpatra health travel management platform to ensure patients have the highest quality experience possible - we eliminate the borders and barriers to receiving 5 star medical care with a personal touch.
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Sep 27 2011 by Jeff K.
Wow, that was a great article. Gives perspectiveo on how hard it really is to lose weight once you put it on. Never as simple as people make it seem
Sep 26 2011 by The Medical Traveler
A good story on obesity researchers findings: it's true, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips! ..and what do to about it
Sep 26 2011 by The Medical Traveler

5th lap band patient in 3 years dies in socal, associated with 1800GetThin campaign.  Would like to know what that translates to in terms of a mortality rate- apparently they got more than 100,000 inquiries this past year.

Jul 25 2011 by The Medical Traveler

How will Americans cope with the diabetes epidemic?


Mar 22 2011 by The Medical Traveler
Do you know the difference between integrative, conventinal, functional, alternative and complementary medicine?
Mar 22 2011 by The Medical Traveler
Patients continue to lose more weight faster with Gastric Plication vs. LAP BAND; similar weight loss results to RNY gastric bypass but with ess risk of early or acute complication.
Mar 15 2011 by The Medical Traveler
If neruologists are from Mars, are MS patients from Venous?
Oct 27 2010 by The Medical Traveler
Next About CCSVI webinar: Tuesday Nov 16th, sign up here
Aug 12 2010 by The Medical Traveler

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