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Check out (my online store! Homeopathic, Green and EcoFriendly products)  HELLO! My name is Dani Katarina, and I fell inlove with blogging about a year ago. I am a foodie who loves to cook, but I am also passionate about health and living a green lifestyle. I am... Full Bio
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Dec 28 2011 by priscillasfit
P90x2 is now available ! Let me know if you want to save 25%. Http://
Dec 01 2011 by priscillasfit
Hi! Yes, P90X is an effective method :) we are actually releasing P90X2 this month! Super exciting time for Team Beachbody! I will get to workout with Mr Tony Horton "LIVE" this Saturday at a training seminar + workout with Tony :)  have a good weekend!
Dec 01 2011 by priscillasfit
thank you SO much! I will be sure to check out your online store! If you have heard of P90X or INSANITY? Those are our biggest selling products. Shakeology is a "green" product too! (It's a high quality meal replacement/protein shake)  Have a blessed day! Check out
Nov 30 2011 by priscillasfit
Just sent you a friend request! I'm new to wellsphere - so any advice is welcome!  have a blessed day
Nov 15 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome with applause, Cheers!
Nov 01 2011 by Jeff K.
awesome foods!