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Hey there! You can call me Lynn, I don't bite! :D My goal is to start and maintain a healthy life style, and to attain my goal weight of 130 (if not 125 lol) from my curretn weight of 150. I recently gained about 15 pounds, within the last 6 months.  Wish me luck!
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D: Sore non-existent abs

From all the jack-knife exercising I did. I went to get up from bed today and yesterday, and nearlly couldn't get up XD Ah well.  The whole...

6.19.09 Starting off (sorta) strong!

So, today was the first day of a new healthy lifestyle. Reducing portion sizes, drinking a lot more water, and exercising. I spent an hour's...

Heat pack or ice pack?

I'm not sure when it started, but it's lasted at least a week and a half, but when I put any pressure on it at a 90 angle (if i held my arm up...

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