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The Journal is an online publication that explores income strategies and business tips for physicians. Itâ??s owned and operated by the Physicianâ??s Disability Insurance Agency, an independent insurance agency that serves physicians nationwide.
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Why Wearable Devices in Healthcare are the Next Big Thing

When Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, was urgently paged to a resuscitation bay to care for a patient who was...

20 Ways to Save on Taxes

Give yourself a raise. If you got a big tax refund this year, it meant that you’re having too much tax taken out of your paycheck every payday....

If You’re Under 40, Don’t Bank on Social Security

If Plan A in your retirement scheme is Social Security, it’s time to start working on Plan B. Absent major action by lawmakers, the...

College Graduates, You Need to Start Saving Now

The majority of this spring’s college graduates aren’t ready to take on the world financially. Two-thirds of students will graduate with debt...

3 Ways to Grow Patient Loyalty (And Your Bottom Line)

The first step to growing a profitable practice starts with getting new patients in the door. But the key to long-term growth comes directly...
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