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Elma, Washington
"The Country Doc" is a rural family doctor in the heart of logging and farming country. When not practicing full spectrum "womb to tomb" family medicine he blogs on everything in health and health care from a "country doc's" perspective at... Full Bio
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Field Trip

She just kept on sitting in the waiting room with her two young sons running all over the place. I had already seen her for her prenatal...

What is Chronic Disease Management?

We often hear politicians and policy makers espouse their plans to gear the health care system toward chronic disease management, but I think few...

"It's about Health not Health Care"

Former Oregon governor and ER physician, John Kitzhaber, spoke for the medical staff of an area hospital last evening offering his thoughts on the...

Why Doesn't Anyone Know What Primary Care Is?

JAMA’s recent article on the sorry future prospects for primary care (see my previous post) did catch some headlines in mainstream media, but the...

Primary Care Workforce: A Responsbility to the Investors?

This week’s JAMA takes a look at medical education and the results are not too flattering for primary care. The most startling statistic was that...
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