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Washington, West Virginia
Searching for help for my own out-of-control Migraines led me to a new career as a writer and... Full Bio
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Migraine, Other Health Issues, and Insurance

In the late 90's, my Migraines became chronic, leaving me with a debilitating Migraine five or six days a week. Those Migraines cost me my...

Let's Talk Migraine - Useless Tweets and eBooks

How much would you pay for an eBook that contained valuable information that could help you with your Migraines? Whatever amount you have in...

Migraine, Taking Breaks, and Cruising

For nearly 15 years now, I've been working as a patient educator and advocate in the area of Migraine and other Headache disorders. This is...

Let's Talk Migraine - Triggers

We all know that doctors have less time to discuss our Migraines during our appointments these days. Still I'm still shocked when someone...

Quick Migraine Confabs - Daily Medications

"But I don't want to take daily meds for Migraines." That's a statement I hear on a regular basis. Guess what? I agree! I don't want to take...

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May 14 2010 by mev
Plz check my profile teri and answer to my question over there
Sep 23 2008 by Teri Robert
Thanks, Desi! I'd better update my directory. I knew that about Dr. Rosen, but may not have updated. How are you doing at the Jefferson?
Sep 22 2008 by Desi21

Just a quick note to let you know that Dr. Rosen is no longer in Philadelphia.  He used to be my doctor at Jefferson, but now I have Dr. Nahas.  Dr. Rosen has since moved to NY.