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Nebulized Morphine

Do any of you nebulize morphine at your hospital? I am a bit irritated at how my hospital goes about this. We are not allowed to get morphine...

I'm baaack

Okay, so I have been MIA for the past year. Lots in my personal life that I'm sure none of you really care about. Now that I am back to work in...


We have a patient in isolation...r/o swine flu. We also have no stock of N95 masks. Lovely. I work for the biggest joke of a hospital.

Sick & twisted

The humor in healthcare is definately only understood by those who have to function consistantly in incredibly stressful situations. We are...

New addition

My granddaughter was born last night. On my son's 3rd birthday. Yes, trauma junkie, this has been a fabulous new year! Sent from my iPhone
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