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Teresa J.

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I love yoga. Wednesday nights, you'll find me in yoga class, blissful and building my strength, balance, and focus. I have a lot of flexibility already but am adding to it. I (used to but since having baby 2 haven't been taking it) take Muay Thai kickboxing to tone up and add cardio to my exercise roster. I walk everywhere, not only because I can't drive (LOL) but because it's good (not to mention, easy) exercise. I'm working on losing the baby weight from baby # 2. Having already... Full Bio
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Apr 03 2008 by Cynthia B.

Wow!  Kickboxing is a very energetic thing to do.  I think it would be fun, but my lack of coordination (and spinal damage) limit me a little.  I do cheer you for the Quit Smoking thing.  My mother was a smoker when I was growing up, and it took several tries before she kicked the habit (for which we all cheered as my dad, sister and I all have asthma).  I know it is a tough addiction to break.

 If you lived closer to me I would probably hit you up for gardening help (my container garden is a little sad looking).  :) 

Jan 02 2008 by Brendon W.

Hey, sorry I didn't reply faster, I have been busy with finishing up co-op and the holidays and all. I did not get a chance to try yogo, don't know about doing it by myself, and I need to find someone to do it with if I am going to.

 I do though start my new workout routine this week and food watching as well. I think it will go well this time.

 How are things going for you.

Dec 12 2007 by Brendon W.
You inspire me! I find what you do, the yoga and walking and all that amazing. I need to find the power to continue a steady workout type of thing.