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I'm a stay at ome mom of two boys, aged 15 and 8. The eldest is in Judo, Boy Scouts, and is autistic, ADHD, and all that comes along with that. The youngest is a huge fan of soccer and plays brilliantly while learning to be the brother of an autistic individual. I am an America currntly... Full Bio
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A Year Past

Wow, almost a year gone by and here I am, looking back over the past of my life, our life.  I can't believe all the things I have missed...


Today I spent the morning at the hospital.  This time, it was just for control of the breast cancer scare early last year.  I did my tests...

Back From Reprieve

Has it really been SOOOO long?  Yes, it has.  Far too long.  I think one culprit is Facebook and using that as a tool to status my life, but the...

We're at the halfway mark in t ...

We're at the halfway mark in this round with the psych hospital.  Halfway there... Last night I went to visit my son.  Picked him up and took...

Where Is GOD?

Shades of blue come out from hiding Behind the white clouded feathers in the sky Somewhere up there, somewhere God is looking down on me? I...

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