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Oct 31 2011 5:02pm
the only known tennis grass court facility in the pacific northwest. if you ar ... more
Mar 29 2008 4:48pm
I tend to think that it really isn't something that the players are doing for tactical... more
Mar 24 2008 6:29pm more
Feb 24 2008 7:52am
I play just once a week on Tuesday nights through the winter.  It's tough with 2 small... more
Dec 30 2010 6:18pm
It's too bad that athletes feel driven to take drugs to enhance their performance. But... more
Dec 06 2007 7:11am
Nov 08 2007 5:32pm
A few suggestions..... First of all, don't feel bad. The people on the courts next to... more
Nov 09 2007 3:16pm
Although a wall is usefull, I use a solo tennis trainer. I bought a solo tennis... more
Jul 24 2008 1:15pm
Looking for a new tennis player or tennis partner to play tennis with? Havin ... more
Sep 22 2007 9:21pm
Choose what feels good to you. In terms of brands, I think everyone has a different... more
Jun 26 2007 6:11pm