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Your thoughts on tennis scandals?

Posted by Kristen D.

Doping and other such offenses in sports isn't very unusual-just look at the scandal surrounding Barry Bonds. And now, it seems, it's making tennis headlines quite a bit, including the recent retirement of Martina Hingis after allegations that she had used cocaine. I wonder, how to other Wellsphere members feel about all of the negative sports stories-tennis and beyond-that are all over the news lately? Has it made you turn away from supporting a player-or even a sport?
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It's too bad that athletes feel driven to take drugs to enhance their performance. But it's not surprising. There's a lot at stake - professional sports is big business. I think we need to explain that to our kids instead of hold up athletes as role models. It's like looking at an air-brushed picture in a magazine and attempting to look like the model.
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