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Wii tennis getting even more realistic

Posted by Kristen D.

Can't make it to the court because of rain or snow? If you have a Nintendo Wii, don't fret! Prince, the tennis equipment maker, is producing a Wii racquet, an accessory in which you place your Wii Mote and come out swinging. They'll be available later this month, and reasonably priced.
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Just curious how the Wii tennis compares to actual tennis? Would practicing on a Wii really help you on a real court? I get most of my exercise from chasing the ball, but I wonder if a Wii can help with form???
Believe it or not, on Wii Tennis, if you're watching the ball on the screen, your mind and body responds to the way it would if you were on court. So if that means you should hit a backhand, you'll probably find yourself hitting one in your living room. I can't comment about how it helps form, since my living room is pretty small (you should see the bruise on my arm from the first time my boyfriend and I played and he forgot we weren't at the park, haha!). But it does help you sharpen your instincts for when you're outside on court.
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