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Wall practice - what is your opinion?

Posted by Sastry

Because I can't always find a partner when I want to play tennis, I often end up practising against the wall. It is not the same thing as playing against a good partner, but I still find it useful - I get a decent workout and improve my shots. What do you think of wall practice? Any tips on getting the most out of it?
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Paint a line. My suggestion is to paint a line at net height across the wall. Mark another line on the ground at the distance from the court baseline to the wall. Then you can practice your long court strokes, trying to get the ball to hit the wall just above the net line. Have fun!
Wallbuddy. Sas, although wall practice can be a good workout and somehow beneficial to improving your overall tennis skills, I think that you will enjoy much more playing tennis with a real buddy. I wonder if Wellsphere can help you find an activity buddy close to where you live and/or where you work that can play tennis with you. The wall always returns the balls - but a buddy can return you support, motivation and accountability - very important components of bringing you back to play
How to find a tennis partner. There are places all over the web to find tennis partners, programs and facilities in your area. You might want to try, which has a database of players. If you belong to a club or tennis organization, they can also help you find a playing partner-or if there isn't a tennis organization (such as a CTA-Community Tennis Association) why not get together with some friends and try to get one started? Another great way to use tennis to stay in shape is by taking Cardio Tennis classes, where you could meet new people with like interests who just might want to hit the court with you!

wall practice is not as good as you might think. If you like to improve your game the best way is to use a tennis ball machine. Dont buy a tennis ball machine, go to a tennis club and rent one whenever you want to play and don't have a partner.

If you don't have a partner to play and don't want to rent and still want to play the best is to take your hopper and 3 dozen balls and practice serve.

the best way to get results is to allow the ball to bounce twice. this simulates an actual rally. also it is not necessary to try to outlsug yourself vs the wall. try do develop a plan on what you want to work on when your hitting against a wall. you might want to also use low compression balls or even foam balls to slow down the speed compared to using regulation balls.
It is an excellent tool-as the wall will always return the ball and never tires out. Teresa
not every one has acess to a ball machine. you have to work within what you got and make the most of it. have you ever tried playing in a third world country?
go to . there are players looking to play matches, practice matches, etc.
The wall is one of the greatest tools available. You can practice hitting with an awareness that you don't get anywhere else. If you use the wall as a key to examining your racket in relation to the ball you will gain from the practice. Groundstrokes ( short blocking flat strokes, short topspin strokes, long full agressive topspin, high lofting topspin balls,). Than step in and practice catching every ball right off the short hop. Half volley. Slice. Fast Volleys, Slow volleys, did I forget alternating patterns. 1/2 hour on the wall for me grooves my strokes like nothing else. I would much rather spend my time on the wall than to waste time with an unworthy opponent.

Although a wall is usefull, I use a solo tennis trainer.

I bought a solo tennis trainer at Dick's Sporting Goods a couple of months ago. A tennis ball is attached to a rubber band which is attached to a heavy base. Once you hit the ball and it bounces on the ground and then back to you. The ball comes back at random directions. It really helps me with my backhand.

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