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Tennis on grass

Posted by Kristen D.

As Wimbledon rolls on in England, I wonder, how many of you have played tennis on grass? Did you find it more challenging than playing on hard courts? What were some of the differences? Please feel free to share you stories!
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there is a grass court facility out in baker city, OR . about a 5 hr drive along I 84 east of portland. why don't you guys come check it out for yourself? i was told it was what you would expect at wimbledon.
I've been fortunate enough to play on several grass courts in England, as well as at the Tennis Hall of Fame courts in Rhode Island and a few others here in the States (including those in Baker City, OR).  So to answer your questions, Kristen: on a fine grass court (Eastbourne in England are the best I've played on), the bounce is true, though a bit lower.  Drop shots are very effective.  They're reasonably fast, but not crazy fast, so you can definitely stay back if that's your style.  On the other hand, that dying breed, the serve and volleyer, can still play that way that as well.  Most of all, it just feels great to run around on, and it looks fine too.  The courts in the States have been a real disappointment after playing in England.  MUCH softer, and in some cases the ball hardly bounces.  The folks in Baker City were super nice, but the courts were extremely soft, with lots of bad bounces.  Don't play there thinking that you've had a true grass court experience---I'm afraid you'll still have to go elsewhere to know what it's like.  When I fall into tons of $ I want to see what the courts in Australia are like; they've got a bunch of grass court facilities down there.
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