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Pro tennis

Posted by C.L. R.

I've been watching some of the tennis tournies on tv and I have to say, it's so interesting to see these players become star athletes. Some of them get so angry - Federer, ie. - but he's really learned to control it over the years. And I like the way they interact with the other players, since they're all on the circuit together, they must get to know one another pretty well. I have to admit, I like watching to guys more than the girls - guys would most likely debate me on this.

But one question - is that grunt during serving really necessary? I certainly don't grunt. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

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Grunting in tennis has certainly been a major point of concentration among tennis fans, journalists, etc. Because you don't grunt when you play, it certainly doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. I don't grunt either. But, that said, I also don't play as well, or as hard, as some of the notorious "grunters" in the pro game, like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. They are exerting a lot of energy and power in their serve and in the heat of the match, so I'm really not suprised to hear them do that. I imagine it comes with the territory of being a powerful tennis player.
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