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Lobby for Tennis

Posted by Heather J.

Those who visit the courts regularly already know that tennis develops agility, power, and endurance, while sharpening motor skills. For runners, cyclists, and the like, this means tennis makes for a great cross-training activity, as it forces you to work in different planes of motion. In addition, it forces you to use your hips instead of your back to initiate moves, which can help you avoid back injuries. To get started, it's best to take lessons, either in moderately priced group lessons or privately at a club. During the long days of summer, you can play tennis before or after work. Recruit a neighbor or your partner for twice-weekly sessions. No need to play for points or even serve?just have fun rallying back and forth. (Info provided courtesy of Natural Health magazine)
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Very true, tennis is a good cross-training sport, and very good exercise when you're in the mood to get away from the treadmill, bike or track. Check out your local parks and recreation department for affordable lessons in a fun, group setting.
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