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How to Play Tennis in the Snow

Posted by Megan T.

I live in California, but go to school in the snowy Mid-West... Whenever I wanted to play tennis I could never find an indoor court or a place to play---but I found a solution. Raquetball...every gym has little raquetball courts, and if you just play with ONE person and hit the ball, you can keep in shape and get a crazy workout. Use a raquetball too -- it bounces around more so it makes you run more, and it is a bit heavier so it helps you work your muscles more. Even though it is not is a good way to train and stay in shape :)
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I've heard so many great things about racquetball, and how great of a workout it is. Apparently, it really helps you work up a sweat. I've heard of people playing tennis outside despite the snow, but it's not too safe, I would think. Racquetball is definitely the next best thing.
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