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How do you practice?

Posted by Lela D.

When I go to a public court to practice I feel bad because my ball is going into someone else's court all the time. Do you have any suggestions for improving my tennis game without disrupting others?
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A few suggestions..... First of all, don't feel bad. The people on the courts next to you have been through the same thing, I'm sure, as they learned the game. However, I can understand your concern. If an end court is available when you get to the park, take one of those, this way an errant ball may only effect one group of players. When it happens, just explain that you're working on your game, and even tell them that you'd welcome some tips. You could find yourself with another playing partner. Also, watch the intensity of your swing. Try to hit it hard enough to get the ball over the net, but not too hard that it ends up in another court, even if you're swing direction is a little off.
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