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Emergency charging safest selection of mobile power

Posted Dec 19 2012 8:51am
Smart phones more and more powerful, but also led to its battery life is less than more and more prominent. Universal charger, car charger, and the emergence of mobile power undoubtedly give people a great convenience. Insiders pointed out that the universal charger and car charger temporary external charging device there are security risks. Therefore, for emergency charging is the safest way to select mobile power. In recent years, the cause of the fire because the phone is charging and the frequent occurrence of. Traced, mostly because of the use of poor quality charger, or temporary buy universal charge. The market is almost universal charge to all mobile phone battery charging, but due to its universal intelligent control current and voltage for different charging devices, so long-term use, and will result in shorter battery life, or even blasting events. In addition, the car charger with car growing. But users complained that the Apple phone car charger to charge the phone can not boot. The Apple service staff pointed out that the car charger does not provide a steady current will damage the internal components of the battery and the phone. And car charger loaded in the car, in a high temperature environment will also have easy to heat and temperature can not resolve the problem, so it was not recommended to use this charging method. The after-sales staff pointed out that, if you need the go charging users, mobile power pack is undoubtedly a good choice. Mobile power is equivalent to a mobile phone backup battery. But its greater capacity, but also for a wider range. Mobile power market generally applies to used mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile electronic devices. And a capacity of 6000 mA the smartphone mobile power, you can give the iPhone, repeatedly charging more than three times. More importantly, in order to adapt to the different mobile electronic devices, the manufacturer in the design of mobile power when specifically in the protection board device intelligent recognition. That is charged when you give a brand of mobile power support equipment, mobile power can automatically recognize the device, and the current and voltage is adjusted to fit the device. Therefore, usb power pack charge related equipment than the so-called universal charge more secure.
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